Thursday, August 15, 2013

Noma Copenhagen AUG 2013

Lunch Menu with juice pairing
Apple juice
 Gooseberry and elderflower
 Nordic coconut
 Moss and cep
 Flatbread and grilled roses
 Peas, pine and chamomile
 Cheese cookie, rocket and stems
 Blackcurrant berry and roses
 Caramelized milk and cod liver
 Pickled and smoked quails egg
 Aebleskive and greens
 Leek and cod roe
 Rhubarb / Apple juice
 Berries and grilled vegetables
 Dried scallops and beech nuts
Biodynamic grains and watercress
 Celery and seaweed / Rhubarb
 Onion and fermented pears
 Walnut and buttermilk
 Cauliflower and pine
Cream and horseradish
 Cucumber and whey
 Pike perch and cabbages
Verbena and dill
 Apple and pine
 Potato and bleak fish roe
 White currant
 Roasted turbot and celeriac
Bitter beach greens and nasturtium
 Beet and red currant
 Blueberry and ants
 Potato and plum
Definitely the best dish on the menu and one of the best desserts I´ve eaten
 Caramel "bread"
 Seaweed danish pastry
 We got a nice kitchen tour hosted by the finnish chef Kim Mikkola
 Chocolate coated pork skin
A brand new service kitchen on the ground floor
 Prep kitchen one floor up

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