Saturday, June 18, 2011

Steirereck** Vienna JUN 2011 Lunch

Before a recent Vienna trip i checked some interesting restaurants in the city and stumbled on Steirereck which is located in the City Park. Steirereck is rated with 2 Michelin stars and on the 22nd place on the 2011 worlds 50 best restaurants list. I was lucky to get a reservation for lunch with a couple of days notice.
This was my first time that I had a meal in a fine dining restaurant by myself and even though it was a nice experience I´m not sure if I´ll do it again in the future. It´s just so much better to share a nice meal with someone else.

On a sunny day they will serve Lunch and Dinner on the terrace

For Lunch you can choose 4 or 5 courses from the Lunch menu or have the 7 course Menu Steirereck

Amuse bouche #1 Watermelon

Amuse bouche #2 Mini Zucchini filled with cheese

Amuse bouche #3 Fennel granita

The bread selection of the day

Herb butter

Cured Pig´s head with Octopus, garlic créme, smoked Almonds and Potatoes

Crayfish with Parsnip, custard strudel & limes


An impressive cheese trolley

A selection of cheese and Asparagus bread

Warm Trinitario(from Trinidad/West Indies) chocolate with pineapple-pericon sorbet and coconut macaroons

As petit fours they served a selection of chocolate and dried fruits

The worse part of any restaurant meal would be the bill

A herb table in the dining room

I´m guessing that the one without a chef´s hat is the Executive chef HR

Toilet art

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