Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Luomo* Helsinki August 2010

Luomo is a small fine dining restaurant in the Kruununhaka area in Helsinki. It opened less than 2 years ago and was awarded it´s first Michelin star about a year ago. It´s very unusual for a restaurant to get it´s first Michel star that fast so they must have done something right from the beginning.
They offer a set menu which changes about every 6 weeks. You can choose between 3, 5, or 7 courses. Additionally you can order a cheese plate which will be charged extra. We chose the 7 courses, cheese plus wine pairings. I can highly recommend this restaurant but make sure you book your table way in advance due to the popularity and the small amount of seats.

Amuse-bouche "Helan går"
Cray fish, cray fish ice-cream and Akvavit jelly

Mushroom stuffed bread

Forest mushroom and potatoes

Perch "summer soup"

A great thing with Luomo is that apart from the waiters serving you the chefs serve you at the table as well.

Pigeon & Pinot noir

Salmon Thai style

A palate"refresher"
Basil x 2

Pork from Okinawa

"Lentävä lehmä" cheese plate
When we ordered the food we asked the waiter if we could have 1 cheese plate for 5 people. What we meant was if they could bring us only one plate but they were so great that they divided the cheese for one person into 5 plates.

Self made organic Cola drink as a pre-dessert

Blueberry forest

I´ve had very good and also very bad Tiramisu experiences when travelling around the world but this one was one of the best ones.

Chocolate and espresso to end a great meal

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