Friday, June 3, 2011

Farang Helsinki May 2011 -Lunch

Farang is a fine dining restaurant in Helsinki serving modern Thai food. On the top 50 restaurants in Finland Farang was ranked as number 1 this year which surprised me a lot after Chez Dominique has been ranked the best for the last 5 years. I´ve had a lot of good Asian food around the world and I have to say that the food that Farang serves is very interesting and tasty. We only had lunch this time but I definitely have to come back and try their evening tasting menu.

Fried butter fish

Som Tam


Morning glory and tofu

"INDAH" White chocolate-ginger creme, ginger ice-cream and sugar pea


  1. Hey there!
    Nice blog but I don't think Farang can be categorised fine dining. i'd say it's high class casual..

  2. Virve, thank you very much for your feedback and opinion. I guess you´re right because you and I probably define fine dining differently. I would still like to call it fine dining even though in a much more relaxed atmosphere than in the more traditional fine dining restaurants. I would love to see a post on your blog where you define "Fine Dining" in your own words. Keep on commenting if you don´t agree with something on this blog. :)

  3. True that a lot of restaurants like to bend the fine line between fine dining and casual or the so called high class casual. I guess the trend these days is to take the core of fine dining and combine them with casual elements to create a more relaxed dining experience. I love Farang for what they are doing. And really liked finding your blog! Love food pictures! sometimes words ruin it all :D
    Have a great beginning of the week!