Monday, June 6, 2011

Olo* Helsinki Revisited May 2011

You could almost say that Olo is the Finnish answer to Noma in Copenhagen (even though I´ve never eaten at Noma yet). According to The Observer magazine in 2009 Olo is the best place in the world to eat Nordic food. That´s something to be really proud of. They serve high quality, tasty and (almost) most importantly good looking Nordic food. The nordic cuisine is definitely my favourite cuisine these days.
Olo was awarded it´s first star in the Michelin guide 2011 and I´m probably not the only one wondering why it took "Guide Rouge" this long.

My first visit to Olo was about 4 years ago and I have wanted to revisit ever since. But because there were so many other restaurants to try in town the wait has been this long. The chance to go back came when I gave two of my cousins gift certificates to Olo for Christmas and they were nice enough to ask me to join them.

A BIG thank you to all the participants and a special thank you to the 9 year old that joined us for the second time for fine dining and who behaved so well for the entire 5 hours. Even though she probably wasn´t too happy about the strict table manner rules!

Menu Nordic

Amuse bouche #1, mint yoghurt and black oil

Amuse Bouche #2, crispy potato, herring and waffle. The third one I can´t remember.

Vegetables, truffle and fresh herbs

King crab with peas

Salmon and friends

Turbot with fennel

Palate refresher. Lingonberry sorbet and dehydrated lingonberries

Carelian stew. A traditional finnish dish prepared in a modern way

Sea buckthorn and Rhubarb pre dessert

Rasberry with liquorice and strawberry soup

Petitfours. Rasberry, liquorice and After Eight. All made in-house.


  1. Hey, again!
    In that last picture of the petit fours is that a plate or a napkin they are on?
    Brilliant post! Only slightly dissapointed of the food presentation. Looks like everywhere else e.g. Sundmans, Savoy.. is everyone just copying everyone else?

  2. Hi! The petit fours are placed by myself on my napkin. They were offered from a tray to be picked by hand.
    The presentation of the main courses are slightly dissapointing but still not bad. I personally really like the design of the vegetable and truffle starter. These menus come and go so the presentation of the next menu might be just amazing.