Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Food Culture Club Turku JUL 2011

As part of Turku being the European Capital of Culture 2011, Chez Dominique had opened a pop-up restaurant in town during the entire month of July. They had also invited 3 guest chef´s to serve their own menu during 3 special nights. Rene Redzepi(NOMA), Sven Elverfeld(Aqua) and Christian Bau(Victor´s Gourmet Restaurant Schloss Berg) were invited. My first choice would have been to book for the Rene Redzepi dinner but it was sold out in a couple of minutes. It was just as difficult as getting a reservation to NOMA so I had to "settle for" Christian Bau´s dinner instead. That wasn´t too bad as Christian Bau´s restaurant has 3 Michelin stars since 2006. So I can now almost say that this was my first time eating food made by a 3 star chef apart from Sushi Mizutani in Tokyo but that was Sushi so it doesn´t count.

What I found good with this dinner was that the entire menu was not only by Christian Bau but every second dish was a Chez Dominique creation.

CD -Chez Dominique

VG -Victor´s Gourmet Restaurant

Rye cracker, fresh Herbs & creme Cheese -CD

Crab, Watermelon & Dashi -VG

"Nigiri" -CD

Foie Gras, raw Langoustine, Almonds & Apple -VG

Al Dente vegetables -CD

One of the simplest dishes of the evening but my favourite one

Red Gamberoni, Peas, Rice & Wasabi -VG

Egg & Truffle before

Egg & Truffle after...

Turbot, sweet, salty, sour & spicy -VG

Fennel & Black Lime -CD

The kitchen preparing for the dessert

Pigeon -VG

Dill & Buttermilk -CD

Blueberries, Meringue and Liquorice -CD

Schwarzwald memories -VG


  1. I reakky need to go back to Noma after 3 yrs, now. I'm not surprised you had hard tine getting to Redzepi's. It's quite something!

  2. Just dined at Victor Gourmet Shloss Berg this Friday Sept 16th - A top 3 star Michelin indeed. I was really impressed by the ability of this kitchen to combine that many ingredients, through numerous dishes (I had 9 nibbles, 10 main courses) without one single flaw.
    You can find a full photo & text report of that dinner here: http://tinyurl.com/5t7p76c

  3. Wow! Looks like you had an amazing experience. Chef Bau must now have a new fan in you. Nice to see that you took a lot of pictures as well. I could spot some familiar dishes.