Saturday, February 27, 2010

Traiteur Dubai February 2010

Snails in garlic butter

Foie gras

Cod fish

Steak tartar

Side dishes

Trio of sorbets

Chocolate fondant

Petit fours

Green tea

This is what i call an open kitchen..


  1. NICE! I will def. check it out.

    I was @ Trio Restaurant in Malmö (just 20 min from Copenhagen) it was better than NOMA! Try Trio first - they are less fatty I believe.

  2. Hey man,

    I finally checked out your blog! Nice work two thumbs up :)

    - Sohaib

  3. Anonymous: Thanx for the tip. I definitely want to try out Trio.

    Sohaib: Thanx man for finally checking out my blog!!

  4. Salut, ceci est un bon poste, en effet un excellent travail. Vous devez avoir effectué des recherches pour le travail, je vous remercie de vos efforts.
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