Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chez Dominique** Helsinki -Revisited May 2010

This was my second visit to Chez Dominique. This time i wanted to treat my parents to something special. My first visit in 2009 was great but this time the food was even better. This is definitely my favourite restaurant when it comes to taste and presentation. The service is excellent as well but i prefer a little more relaxed atmosphere. We ordered the Menu "Dominique".
Amuse bouche#1, Asparagus & Hollandaise

Amuse bouche#2, a Finnish classic summer dish: New Potatoes, Herring and Fresh Butter

Amuse bouche#3, "Tampere"

Wild Herbs & Ham

Extremely tasty butter

”Crab Cake” & Fresh Pea Soup With Hint of Mint

Duck Foie Gras, Fresh Green Apple & Champignons and a brioche

Octopus & Sea

”Pommes Nicoise”

Grilled Fresh Asparagus, Brown Butter And Poached Halibut
The best dish of the evening. Never tasted a fish prepared this good before.



Pigeon Vol. 5.5


Green Tea And Chocolate

Petit fours and a strawberry(or a raspberry, can´t remember) panna cotta

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