Friday, January 13, 2012

Table 9 by Nick and Scott Dubai JAN 2012

Restaurant Table 9 by Nick and Scott is located in the Hilton Dubai Creek hotel on Dubai´s Deira area and opened its doors in November 2011. Gordon Ramsay´s Verre restaurant used to be in the same location for the last 10 years but Mr Ramsay did not renew his contract with the hotel so Verre was closed in 2011. All respect to Verre and Ramsay but in my opinion it´s a great thing that Nick and Scott have taken over the kitchen. Even though Scott Price was in charge of the Verre kitchen for the last couple of years I guess he and Nick have more freedom regarding the direction of the cooking now that Ramsay´s name is out of the picture.

Staff was very enthusiastic and the food was really good. The only thing that might be against this restaurant is the location in the old side of Dubai. Only time will tell.

A very nice touch was that they invited me for a small tour of the kitchen. That has never happened to me before. In Europe it´s probably not even allowed due to hygiene restrictions.

They offer á la carte and two different tasting menus. A vegetarian and a non-vegetarian menu. We chose to try both of the menus without the wine pairing.

The main kitchen

Nick in action

The dessert kitchen

A great new thing with Table 9 is that on the dining room wall they have a big screen where you can watch the chef plating the food. Great entertainment specially for all the persons dining alone and for all the couples that have nothing to talk about.

"No meat, no fish" tasting menu

"by Nick and Scott" tasting menu

All the ceramic and art is made by a local female artist

Amuse Bouche-Cauliflower puré in a clay pot

The bread and butter is made in-house

The best dish of the night

lobster ravioli
goat´s cheese



truffle mash with truffle broth






chocolate truffle with the coffee

In restaurants in europe they have cheese trollies. In Dubai they have candy trollies. All candies made in-house.
Candy for take-away

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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for the wonderful article regarding table9. Just wanted to let you know that the artist who has made the special pottery pieces for table 9 is the award winning potter and ceramic designer Homa Vafaie-Farley owner/director of Abu Dhabi Pottery. It would be nice for her to mentioned by Name.
    Thank you.