Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sushi Mizutani*** Tokyo JAN 2011

On a recent trip to Japan i managed to get a seat for lunch at the 3 star Mizutani sushi bar. The restaurant has only 12 seats, a sushi bar and 4 staff members.
I was very excited prior to my visit but NO pictures were allowed inside the restaurant which was very very disappointing. The sushi was amazing and the whole experience was over in less than an hour. I would gladly have stayed for hours.. It was a great experience to watch one of the best sushi masters in the world at work. Even though he gave me some constructive feedback in how I eat sushi with chopsticks.

The lunch was priced at 18.000 JPY but can´t remember how many pieces of sushi was served. Lesson learned is that next time I´m in Tokyo I will make sure to ask if pictures are allowed when booking.

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