Friday, November 12, 2010

Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire, revisited for lunch November 2010

I´ve visited Reflets once before but for dinner. This time I wanted to try their lunch. They offer a 3 course lunch menu for 180AED(36€).
I missed the great chef Pierre Gagnaire´s latest visit at this outlet a couple of weeks ago but next time he is in town I will definitely be there..

Some delicious french bread

Amuse Bouche:
Purple raviole of capers La Nicchia and green olives from Nyons...
Marinated anchovies, braised oxtail…
Tartar of Balik salmon, organic salmon eggs…
White beetroot ice cream, acidic red beetroot and glazed eel…

Purple radish and beetroots; frozen bavaroise of Mozzarella, square of skate wing with lovage, salad of cherry tomatoes.

Pavé of cod poached in a flavoured butter. Ragout of winter roots and leeks. Béarnaise sauce and Darphin potatoes.

Les Desserts de Pierre Gagnaire


Espresso and petit fours

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  1. Last picture: (Chocolate?!) Macarons! From France! :-) I love them!