Thursday, March 29, 2012

Manfred´s & Vin Copenhagen MAR 2012

Last weekend I spent in Copenhagen but unfortunately it happened to be on a Sunday that I had time to eat well. Most top restaurants are closed on Sundays in Europe so I had to forget about visiting any of the top Michelin star restaurants in the city. After some research I had a list of potential restaurants near the city center area that are open on Sundays. The list included Manfred´s & Vin, Oyster´s & Grill, Geist, Les Trois Cochons and Custom House from which i chose Manfred´s.
The owners of Manfred´s are the same as for the one Michelin star restaurant Relae which is located just on the opposite side of the street. Manfred´s serve simple but very tasty Scandinavian food and the service was nicely relaxed. You can choose between a la carte or the daily menu. We chose the daily menu for 2 people. The dishes were to be shared. Dessert is not included in the menu so you have to order it from the a la carte list. We chose not to have dessert this time because we wanted to save some calories for Danish pastries later.

Jaegersborggade 40

Pickled mussels as a snack
Amazing sourdough bread
Cabbage with yoghurt

Fish. Sorry can´t remember which fish though

Apple juice

Poached Egg

Potato and Onion

Grilled Onions and Lentils


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