Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rhodes Mezzanine Dubai March 2011

Rhodes Mezzanine which is located in the Dubai Marina area is British celebrity chef Gary Rhodes first establishment outside of UK. They don´t offer a normal set menu which most other similar restaurants do but instead they have a list of about 10 smaller dishes from the a la carte list from which you can create your own set menu and every dish is priced separately.

Snacks: Salmon toast, foie gras and pineapple

Gary Rhodes famous white tomato soup

Two kinds of whipped butter. Very different from the normal butter that I´m used to

Foie gras, apple jelly and brioche

Tempura scallops, sweet corn creme
, tarragon and oyster mushrooms and crisp shallots

Beetroot, shallot and fig tart, fresh goat´s cheese, fig and red wine syrup

The best dish of the night: crab and baby spinach lasagne with hazelnut velouté

John Dory with shiitake mushrooms, asparagus and scallops

Slow roast pork belly with smoked bacon hash and poached egg Hollandaise

The cheese selection

Pear mousse with honey syrup pear, pear sorbet and chocolate sauce

Toffee pudding soufflé with toffee sauce and toffee ice cream

Chocolate with almond and pistachios and my new favourite: scones, homemade strawberry jam and clotted cream

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  1. Haha, de va ju en lustig överraskning! Har nämligen inte nämnt om min blog till fler än kanske fem personer! Den e ännu lite "under construction". ;)

    Ja har faktiskt kollat på din blog tidigare, gillar bilderna. Ja måste börja ta fler bilder o skriva mindre text! :)

    Vi hade Julmiddag med min mamma på Rhodes W1 Restaurant här i London och måst säga att det var en verkligt lyckad helhet, hög standard!

    Hör gärna av dig om du tappar bort dig till London, detta är verkligen en matälskares mecca!