Friday, July 19, 2013

Meierei im Stadtpark Vienna JUN 2013

Meierei is the "little sister" of the famous two star restaurant Steiereck and located in the same building at the City Park. Food was good as expected but the service was unfortunately really ignorant which was not expected considering that the same family is running a high end gourmet establishment. Hope they were just having a bad day as I still do want to recommend this place.

 Steak tartare, Lovage mayo and mountain pepper
I´m a huge fan of Steak tartare and was satisfied with their version
 Can´t remember what fish this is
I was never offered vanilla sauce with my strudel which was a huge disappointment. I think there should be a law in Austria and Germany that states serving Apfelstrudel without whipped cream or vanilla sauce is illegal.
Warm Chocolate dumplings with Vanilla ice-cream

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